Juan Carlos Ramos House Design Plans

Juan Carlos Ramos House Design Plans. This ultramodern futuristic pyramid house is inspired by landscapes in michoacán, mexico, where designer juan carlos ramos is from. The pyramid house, by juan carlos ramos.

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Studio house sabinos / juan carlos loyo arquitectura. What is the main purpose of modern roads? With its sunken living space, triangular glass walls and open plan, the pyramid house brings an ancient building.

Rendering Done By Dave Broman In 1992.

One would have to imagine that, as an architect, working with rectangles and cubes would get boring after a while. Specializing in residential home remodeling and design, juan carlos has spent the past few decades serving countless clients throughout new jersey. Juan carlos ramos unveils amazing pyramid house worthy of a pharaoh.

The Pyramid House, By Juan Carlos Ramos.

Prefabricated homes and buildings (179). Juan also was efficient in garbage disposal throughout the entire process so that the property always remained looking tidy. One of my favorite hobbies from an early age is video games and chess.

Juan Carlos Ramos Concept House:

Juan also has great ideas to offer in regards to design, always taking your budget into consideration but is not pushy about it. An entire side of the pyramid is a giant, triangular window. The difference can be accountant because of the drop of material price to build such structures.

This Is A Conceptual Home At Its Best, With Simple Yet Striking Aesthetic Which Ramos Designed For An Architec…

Bai&by madrid / ramos bilbao arquitectos selected projects spence house / metcalfe architecture & design plan. The design features a garage, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, library, and recording studio. Mexican architect has created designs for an unique pyramid house that has been inspired by the ancient egyptians.

The Geometric Shaped Design By Juan Carlos Ramos Was Created For An Architectural Competition And Has Been Widely Praised For Its Vision And Innovation.

That certainly seemed to be a motivating factor in juan carlos ramos’modern pyr. You’ve seen lots of creative houses on our pages and comparing with such interesting examples pyramid house by mexican architect juan carlos ramos is still worth of your attention. Chess gave me values, taught me to respect others and learn from them.